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Smart automation and deep insights to help you get the most out of outbound email

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What GoodCall offers

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Full service setup and email copywriting

Have experts write your sales emails
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100M+ Contact database on demand

Discover how large each of your target markets are.
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Campaign performance and objection reports

Measure which messages resonate best with each market, and capture objections from contacts
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Spam-compliant email sending

Send cold emails without damaging your .com
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A/B testing of messages

Discover which sales messaging delivers the best results
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Auto followups

Increase cold email response rates by up to 250%

Join over 350 companies who have found outbound success

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Use cases

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Discover your ideal target customer

Test your value proposition against different market segments to find the best performing target customer profile

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Discover your outbound sales unit economics

Find and optimize your lead acquisition costs so you can start generating predictable revenue

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Test market feedback to your product

Gain priceless market feedback to your product and learn lessons that could save you lots of time and money

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Ensure your reps hit their sales quota

Your sales team can now grow revenue at a predictable cost per opportunity. Turn up the dial as far as you like with GoodCall for instant growth.

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